First post about your nation


 I don’t know about all of you that are visiting or hearing about this website but as for me I am tired of sitting back and turning the other cheek. My name is Eileen and I am 90 years old I am recovering from cancer and am in the beginning stages of dementia according to the doctors. I don’t have the money to move. Since we are unable we would need packers, movers, materials, first & last month’s rent and security deposit. we have been labeled as trouble makers because my son complained to the city. If you don’t believe me you are welcome to come and visit us and see for yourself. just email us and we will give you the address. "The photo is my Mom Eileen"


  • What are we supposed to do this is basically a death sentence without help?


  • What will we do there is just me, my son, my care giver and our cats who are special needs cats they have crystals and require a special diet of hills prescription CD food?


Our plan is simple we want to flood the Mayor’s office,  the State Senators, the State Representatives, the Alderman, the board of Alderman the US Congress and the Senate with millions of petitions. We also want to do the same with all State legislators. We want to organize protest; email, text, letter writing and social media campaigns and we want to fight them in Court.


  • If we are able to overcome all of this we would like to try and keep this going in hope that our efforts can help others in similar situations because experiencing this gives you a greater understanding and empathy for all of those who are going through nightmares like this.





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