We are here asking for help to stop this Slumlord and to get us justice, to stop our worries and make our lives better. everyone has the right to live with some expectation of happiness NOT JUST THE RICH.  The elderly, the disabled and the poor, or being persecuted with no expectation of help from those who have the responsibility to protect their rights. all they would have to do is their job.

We are asking our legislators to get involved to stop Slumlords from getting away with the things that are unjust that are impacting our lives as well as the lives of so many others and not for the better.






We ask that you sign the petition.

  • We are petitioning our mayors, State Senators, State Representative, City and State Attorneys offices, Boards of alderman, Alderman, US Senators, US Congressional Reps, and the news media to get involved, to help us, to do something and do their jobs,


We ask the following of all City, State and Government Officials get involved and do your job.


  1. Look into this matter now.

  2. Find out why the City attorneys office has not opened a case against this Slumlord when it has been referred to their office for prosecution according to the electrical inspector.

  3. Find out what favors may have been traded between Slumlords attorney and the City attorneys office.

  4. This is simple you have a rich Slumlord versus a disabled man and a sick elderly woman and no one is doing anything to protect them.


We need the public to get involved.

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David Johnson

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  • David Johnson
    signed 2018-03-04 20:52:59 -0600